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0 thoughts on “Warmth

  1. Flower the color of sunshine!
    I need all of the warmth I can get.

    1. I’ll send some to you from Oz, Mary:)

      1. Ha! You know the way to Oz…and….back again?
        You must be the real wizard they were all looking for!

        1. Only Oztralia 🙂

  2. Another photo of yours that is going to be stolen…It is so beautiful….you have such a great sense for aesthetics!I enjoy each photo you post.

    1. Thank you so much Tajana:)

  3. beautiful 🙂 makes me think of sunshine

    1. Thanks Klaudia, I hope you have some:)

      1. Unfortunately for the last 3 days we had cloudy sky and a lot of fog 🙁

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  5. so pretty…a ray of sunshine for those who are experiencing the blahs of winter!

  6. We are deep in winter here. Thank you for this warm bit of summer.

  7. Nice macro shot, Vit 🙂

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