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Smoke on the water

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0 thoughts on “Smoke on the water

  1. This is Breathtaking 🙂

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    Reflection of The Light. Oh that My Life should be so Clear and Beautiful a Reflection.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous shot! The symmetry and colours are amazing.

    1. Thank you Christine 🙂

    1. Thank you, it was a pretty morning:)

  4. The reflection is unbelievable! Great photo!

    1. …fire in the sky:)

  5. Stunning photo and a great song! 🙂

    1. Thank you Elina! Everyone who owns a guitar seems to know how to play it:)

  6. Spectacular capture Vit

  7. I would like to tell you how my mouth just dropped open when I saw this image. But words fail me. I think Sophie said it best. “Waouhhh!!!!!!”

  8. Superb shot, Vit. You Have used the reflections very nicely.

    1. Thank you Sreejith:)

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