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0 thoughts on “Shafted

  1. Absolutely stunning )

  2. wow…this is fabulous! something I don’t expect to ever see in person!

    1. They seem to be everywhere I walk.

      1. I have a question…have they become so common place to you, that you are no longer impressed by them…do you take them for granted? that often happens I think…I took my gorgeous sunsets for granted… until I sold my house… 🙁

        1. I still think they are incredible too watch and they change from state to state. I just get the impression that no one is interested in pics of them because everyone can take one any time of day. A bit like taking a photo of a plain car.
          It’s why I love sunrises so much, because it takes effort to get up and to take the photo.

          1. well, maybe those who live in Australia would feel that way but I’m sure anyone who doesn’t live in Australia (I live in Canada) are as interested, as I am! Having said that yes…a sunrise or sunset is one of my most favorite subjects. Sadly I took sunsets for granted when I lived lakeside,(facing west, for over 30 years)…now that I’ve moved I realize how foolish I was, as I no longer have a view of the setting sun…!

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