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Running Echidna


0 thoughts on “Running Echidna

  1. What a strange little beastie!

    1. Along with the Platypus they are the only egg-laying mammals. You don’t want to drive over one.

      1. Are they really spiny? I must look them up and find out more!

        1. Like feather quills.

  2. Too cute! Looks like another reason to visit Australia some day. I hear one can rent a caravan and camp across the country – is that right?

    1. Campervans are more popular to rent. Some people prefer 4WD campers to really get into the outback. There are plenty of rental places. Backpackers tend to buy there own vehicles and sell them at journeys end.

      There are a lot of free camps around the coastline. The bible for free camping is a book or App called “Camps”. There are also many Information centers scattered around the country and online.

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