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Fires are consuming parts of Tasmania after our hottest day on record (41.8 Deg) or (107.24 F). From where I sit surrounded by dry woodlands I realize that anyone could be next.

Some houses razed others left unscathed. Forty percent of some towns gone.

Some people might see patterns in nature’s decisions about who will burn and who won’t, but for the life of me, I can’t see any. The statements you often here like ‘It was meant to be’, ‘Everything happens for a reason’, or even ‘You get back what you put out’ just don’t make sense. Surely this fire isn’t retribution on people for past decisions.

No one deserves to be caught in a fire.

Like a storm or a tsunami or any other natural event, like a fire , if you are unfortunate enough to get in the way it is not ‘karma’ or ‘fate’, my guess is that it’s just another one of life’s random events.

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  1. When people say ‘You get back what you put out’ it is about the consequences of our actions, the choices we make every day… I don’t feel there is ‘karma’ in natural disasters, but there is one – in-built in our individual nature, and how we respond to all the stuff that happens to us. Then any event becomes a trial of – who we are. Sink or swim, the choice.
    Hope you are safe where you are.

    1. It sounds like you have a firm philosophy on life.
      So far my place has dodged the wild fires down here in Tasmania.
      What a fantastic ride life is, wouldn’t you agree?
      Stay safe as well.

  2. Well… life is certainly a ride, both fantastic and horrible at times.. It sounds like you are living your life philosophy, admirable it is.

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