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Pretentious Graffiti


0 thoughts on “Pretentious Graffiti

  1. it has stood the test of time

    1. It sure has. It’s on the southern wall of a covered disused railway bridge and only gets about an hour of sunlight per day. Well positioned for longevity..

      1. There used to be a very low railway bridge on the way to my parents house and someone had written ‘Menzies Out’ [he was our Prime-minister in the 1950s and 1960s]. It was still there up until a couple of years ago and every
        time I drove under that bridge I wondered if the optimistic bloke who wrote it was still alive because Menzies has been dead since the 1970s.

        1. Cool story, i never thought this way about graffiti before. I guess now if I was to add something to a wall I would choose a spot that would protect my art for as long as possible.

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