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New neighbor

WhipS Whip or White lipped snake

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  1. He’s gorgeous! Is he a white-lipped snake?

    1. Yes, they go by various names including Whip Snake down here.

  2. Pretty:) I love snakes. Is this one sweet or dangerous?

    1. Dangerous to small lizards not so much to humans.

  3. How long do you think it is? Looks pretty big! ~SueBee

    1. It’s only small, maybe 30-40cm.

      1. Oh, that’s not too big as snakes go.

        1. Good to keep the frog, lizard and mouse population in check.

          1. So true, and it’s not rattlesnake as ended up on my mom’s back porch so often!

          2. I try to discourage snakes that can kill me but try not to harm any of them. Its the Tiger snakes down here that freak me out a bit, but cool to look at. We don’t get rattlesnakes.

  4. Yikes! Large or small, venomous or not, I’d rather not be close neighbors. Great picture, though.

    1. Thank you. Small and venomous and only dangerous to frogs, lizards and so on. I like to see them around because I like balance and a healthy environment around my place.

  5. Beautiful Creature 😉

  6. Glad you said he’s small — he certainly looks HUGE in your photo. Good on ya for keeping natural balance with local fauna. (How was that for a pretentious statement to start my day? I need more coffee!)

    1. I don’t think it was pretentious ay all. Thanks for the compliment. You would be surprised how many people move out into the country and set about trying to control it instead of living within it,
      To me, it defeats the whole purpose of living in a natural environment.
      That first coffee is so good, I’m drinking mine now:)

  7. I’m not a fan of snakes of any kind…developed a strong fear from a childhood situation…but I do understand the need to keep nature in balance and wouldn’t do anything to harm a snake regardless of where I found it!

    1. The statistics down here are that males more than females are bitten by snakes. And the reason for this is most males are bitten trying to kill the snakes. Just walk away men, just walk away:)

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