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  1. I always love seeing your pictures on my reader :).

    1. Thank you, its just my perspective of Australia. Your pictures are always colorful and brighten my mornings,

  2. Intriguing! Lets see, it’s just going into Winter round your place at the moment isn’t it? – Some sort of seed would be a good guess. Could be one of those balls that owls sick up with the fur and bones of whatever they ate last rolled up in them. What about some sort of cactus? – Hmm . . You’re in Australia – could be anything really.
    Let us know when it blooms or hatches.

    1. It moves around so I guess it’s not a seed. And winter in the Tropics is still warm. I bet it’s poisonous. Thanks for your comment:)

  3. I have no idea what is it – but the picture looks stunning.

  4. definitely a mystery, it almost looks as though it has quills or spikes of some kind??? …let us know if you figure out what it is…

  5. Neat pic!!
    Sea urchin of some sort?

  6. Now that’s one strange creature!

  7. Urg. Some kind of sea urchin with a red tide bacterial infestation? I think I’ll stick to the cold Atlantic seacoasts of New England!

    1. Good idea, it’s a bit scary here:)

    1. I don’t know.

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