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My Vista

DSC_0035 (518x800)Happy Spring!

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  1. You have an amazing talent for photography, seeing what others look passed.

    1. What a great compliment! Thank you.Have a great day.

  2. i am stunned by this beauty

  3. With surroundings so lovely it’s no wonder you took up photography! Of course a photographer’s eye and skill can make the most mundane seem monumental, and I’m sure your work is as much a result of your talent and hard work as it is of the nature around you.  We are enjoying your pictures from “around the other side of the world” as we camp near Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Would love to see THIS area through your eye and lens!

    1. Thanks so much guys I really do appreciate the compliments. I cant wait to take photos of your world one day. In my opinion there are beautiful pictures everywhere, the hard bit is capturing them. Thanks again and have a great Autumn (Fall).

  4. beautiful! thanks for following my blog! your sunset picture is much better captured with that camera.

  5. Beautiful sky and reflection!

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