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My chassing photographs bus

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  1. This is a great photo! The colors are lovely~ makes me think of summers here where I live 🙂

    1. Thank you, I wish it was summer here. Autumn has been fantastic though.

      1. This picture if from your Autumn season? I’m jealous! I thought for sure it was summer 🙂 or at least Spring~

        1. Down here in Australia we are heading into winter. Have a great night:)

          1. Brrrrr~ 🙂 Thanks you too!!

  2. Awesome! Love the composition and lighting!

  3. Great RV! I hear RVing in Australia is well worth the 24-hr flight from the US and hope I get a chance to do so someday.

    1. Thanks guys, i hope to do the same up there:)

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    Nothing shows off a sunset like the ocean … and this made me remember all the reasons why the beach is my favorite place in the world~

  5. Some of us don’t know how lucky we are. I believe you do!

    1. Every day above ground is a great day. Thanks Emilio.

  6. so romantic… 🙂

    1. Thank you, it is:)

  7. Love this pic! I love the beach, and only get to spend about 4 days on the Texas coast a year. Thanks for liking my costume post. I love the pics here on your blog and will check back often to see more! 🙂

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