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Hobart, Tasmania.

HobartSince rainbows are so fleeting and my camera was in the car, I shot this with my phone. I figured that it was better to get an average shot then risk no shot at all. It was taken from the 13th floor through a not so clean window.

0 thoughts on “Hobart, Tasmania.

  1. Wow, it’s still pretty impressive!

  2. This shot is well above average Vit it’s brilliant.

  3. lol…not so clean window and all it is an awesome photo…thank goodness for cell phones!

    1. You’re right Heather because the rainbow disappeared soon after. Thank you.

  4. Why is it other people seem to be able to shoot great images with their phones and I can’t even take a good photo of the dog? Well worth the risk. Fine shot.

    1. Thank for making me laugh:) Cheers.

  5. Great shot! I would have done the same! 🙂

  6. Beautiful through any window.

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