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Hartz Mountains National Park

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0 thoughts on “Hartz Mountains National Park

  1. Wow! Love the colours..

  2. Great as always!! 🙂

    1. Your so kind, thank you:)

  3. Amazing shot! Awesome color display!

  4. Very nice work these last several posts. Sunrise. It’s tricky. It could have been sunset.

    1. Tricky and cold. Thank you.

  5. beautiful, love the blue cast, with the gold of the sun!

  6. Stunning simply stunning… did you have to wait a long time to catch just the right moment?

    1. About an hour before sunrise, so not too long. Thanks Lois.

      1. Do you sit in your car, or are you lying in the undergrowth, or are you just wandering about? This photo looks as if you’ve sneaked up on it and taken it by surprise!

        1. Wandering about. Thanks.

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