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0 thoughts on “Fish

  1. I really would like to know the secret behind these sky and cloud shots. Always you are getting some incredible images, Vit 🙂

    1. No secret Sreejith just early mornings and no pollution. Thank you:)

  2. Unbelievable! What an AMAZING shot!!! Wow!!!

      1. You are welcome!!! I LOVE looking at your work!!

      1. (smile) You are SO welcome!!!

  3. Incredible… they really are swimming across the sky!

  4. Well the early mornings are paying off! another stunning sky. Thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you Martine.

  5. Fish? Net! Dinner! 😀

      1. Ha ha. Nom nom nom! Wee cloudy b)=(&/(rds! 😀

  6. fish indeed 🙂 gosh, it’s beautiful…

  7. Cloud fish. Can’t imagine how long you had to wait to capture this. It’s beautiful.

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