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DSC_0003 (640x415)

0 thoughts on “East

  1. I like te olive green shade of this photo of yours.It is so relaxing….

  2. Or Eden….minus the truck 🙂 very lovely !

  3. Or Eden….minus the truck 🙂 very lovely !

  4. J’adore l’ambiance ! Bravo 😉

  5. Ethereal. The color is wonderful, the view, lovely.

    1. Thank you, it makes it difficult to concentrate some days when i see this from my window.

      1. THIS is what you see from your window? How DO you ever get anything done? I think I may have to move to where you live. Seriously, Chicago is beautiful but we have to drive somewhere to even get close to this.

        1. The trick here is to not get complacent. My ritual is to wake before the sunrise and tell myself how lucky I am while watching the sunrise. Appreciating life takes practice I think.

  6. The light and color gives this one a very… mystical quality. Nice.

  7. Beautiful and magical!

  8. There are other human things but my eye sees only the truck dwarfed by the landscape. Love it.

    1. Thank you. I was going to move the truck but figured it would add a dimension.

  9. This photo is so beautiful!

    1. Thank you AmberJade:)

      1. You’re very welcome 🙂

  10. the colors are ethereal, magical, awesome!!!

    1. I know, I thought I was tripping. Thank you.

      1. I can see why.. 🙂

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    What a place to find your spirit. Hugs

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