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Dutch Cream

IMG_20131029_160614 (640x482)My first attempt at growing potatoes. Any tips?

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  1. Plenty of watering last thing at night. Bio feed in a watering can regularly is a good idea…….and don’t dig ’em up until the flowers which will appear are over. Not sure about time scale though, for this with Australian weather. Bank up the earth around each plant regularly so that more and more potatoes appearing near/ under the surface can get a chance to grow. best of luck.

    1. Thanks so much Gill, could you use straw to bank it up?

      1. Probably not as it will stat to rot and the rotting process itself takes something out of the soil and will affect the growth of the potatoes. Best to keep digging ( more like moving a bit of soil, at a time where needed) from the furrow between. It looks as if you have plenty of room to do that. (However if you do no more than water you will get your potatoes ) When you come to di g them up….. you simply leave all the tiny ones (you will get some the size of marbles) in the ground…. and they will give you another crop next season. Sorry to go on!!!!

        1. Thanks so much. I will stick with the soil. I appreciate your help Gill.

  2. As they grow, keep piling dirt around them and give them about 1 inch (25 mm) of water a week. Put grass clipping on to hold the moisture then pile more dirt on more clippings, more dirt (straw works well too if you have no clippings.)

    1. Thank you for your tips and your comments. Will keep you up to date with the potato patch:)

    1. Thanks, hopefully I get to eat some around Christmas:)

  3. I’m not much of a gardener, but my tips are for enjoying when you have them out of the ground – Smell them first, so much of taste is smell! Leave the skin on, and bake them with garlic, a little butter, and some fresh chives if you have them. I always wonder what they would taste like with black truffles, but alas, no one throws truffles on potatoes… Your garden looks amazing. Blessings.

    1. You just encouraged me to have some breakfast with your words. At the top of my ‘food to try list’ are Truffles, can’t wait! Thanks for your comments, have a great evening.

  4. My first attempt at a garden was this year as well. Just have fun it and see what happens. Pick up little tips as you go and year by year you get better at it. Even if they don’t bloom at least you have wonderful plants to admire.

    1. You’re right it’s all about having a go:)

  5. My garden has a very light sandy soil but we still manage to grow some delicious Dutch variety potatoes. Lots of good growing advice there from Gill. I always grow flowering herbs and scented flowers in my veg garden to encourage bees and butterflies and it looks and smells great too. Good to see you visiting dragonshades.

    1. Thanks for your advice on the flowering herbs, I’ll give it go.

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