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0 thoughts on “Dream

      1. A pleasure and I love your blog

  1. Very beautiful pic, the cloud in circle make me think when the american indian make smoke to send messages …. 😉
    Have a nice week end and thank you for your visit and like on my blog

    1. Thanks Sofie, you have a magic weekend as well:)

  2. I had to look a second time when I read Sophie’s comment. So colorful. I would have been just standing there in amazement until there was no light left. I love this sunset.

    1. Thank you Emilio.

  3. Looks like “sky” always opens up for you with some incredible art works 🙂

    1. Thanks Sreejith.

  4. Love the colours, some of my favourite and if I look carefully there might be a heart shape in the trees … great image! Thanks for posting it.

  5. oooh.. those Australian skies.. truely amazing colors! So vivid.. great to see em again 🙂

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