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No Diving

No Diving

3 thoughts on “No Diving

  1. This is fantastic– slightly brooding and a wee moody– very nice!! …and thank you so much for all the info on your new site! I’m sorry for not replying sooner- I got a bit hectic at work… can I ask- are you happy with Site Ground? Also, you had mentioned additional options- do they have by any change more “controls” over posts, etc.? (If that makes sense…) 😀

    1. Every technical issue I had, SiteGround replied to promptly and were very helpfull. I couldn’t have done it without their help. Very happy. But there are many more. Google ‘Self host wordpress’
      Through the ‘Plugins’ you can change anything you want, font, colour, search engine optimisation etc. In fact you have complete control.
      My biggest problem is too many options, if you know what I mean. It can get a bit overwhelming.

    2. Oh, and thank you.

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