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Chilly cows

DSC_0005 (644x1024)

0 thoughts on “Chilly cows

  1. 🙂 How can they be chilly? Their wearing fur coats! 🙂

      1. hahahah~ I’m only kidding – beautiful, wintery snow scene 🙂

  2. I don’t recall seeing photos of snow there before???

    1. You’re right Heather it’s very rare around here. It was pretty exciting for me:)

      1. wow…well enjoy it while it lasts then! I’m afraid I don’t share your excitement as we have months and months of cold and snow! 🙂

  3. oh my, snow already? A very beautiful landscape with some lovely frosting! Poor cows.

    1. Late snow, almost spring:)

  4. What a great shot. Love the fence in the foreground leading into the frame and then into the background.

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