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WorkBeach (1280x775)

0 thoughts on “Ceaseless

    1. Thank you Jewels.

  1. Outstanding and wonderful!

    1. Thank you and thank you:)

  2. Absolutely wonderful. The light is perfect and I can almost hear the waves crashing on the sea…perfect!

  3. Beautiful! Have you posted the equipment you use anywhere? Just interested as I am in the market for a new camera.

    1. Please don’t misunderstand. I think YOU are the reason for such a beautiful shot; your eye and your knowledge of your camera.

      1. Thank you. My dream camera would be a Nikon 610.

        1. Thank you. I started with a Canon and I will probably stay with one for now. But I understand the Sony A7r is amazing!

    2. I shoot with a Nikon D3100 with the standard18-55mm. One long lens 55mm-200mm and a sharp 50mm 1:1.8D.
      Nothing special but does the job.

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