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Blue morning


0 thoughts on “Blue morning

  1. Bellisimo.. I love this pix.. Great job!! 🙂

      1. De nada.. Thank you for sharing it, hope to see more beauty on your page. 🙂

        1. I try to make every photo beautiful in its own little way.
          My pleasure.

          1. You’ve done a wonderful job.. I enjoyed looking at your page and looking forward to seeing more.. 😀 Thanks.

  2. Gorgeous 😀 love the purple tones!

  3. Wow! Gorgeous colors here. Stunning.

  4. Blue morning, blue day, won’t you see things…my way. Outstanding photo my friend, beautiful and stunning…

    1. Good singer hey? Thanks.

      1. One of my greatest influences…Lou Graham

  5. blue is one of my favorite colors! love this…

    1. Thanks Heather, mine too.

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