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Don’t think so much.

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Since we can’t look into our subconscious then maybe we can reach it through our other senses. Maybe what we see, smell, feel, taste and hear affects us more than we know.

Surround yourself with what you think is beautiful, it’s better than trying to work life out with your thoughts.

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If you haven’t had an egg made from insects and forest, you haven’t had an egg.

Wallabies, Devils, Potoroo’s, Echidnas, Platypuses and Eagles surround me.

They are all free.

I only have a deal with the chickens. We swap shelter at night for perfect eggs in the morning.

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My property is the side of a hill.

I moved onto it and pitched a tent.

My home grew slowly from the undergrowth.

I built it myself, I moved in.

I have my own power source.

My water comes from the sky.

I live very quietly.

My life is peaceful.

I try to appreciate what I have daily.

My needs are so few.

I swapped toys for seclusion.

My life, so far, surreal.

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Tasmania is an island under ‘Down Under’.

Many people leave once they are old enough and many return when they can.

Too cold, too boring, too backward and too far away from everything is often the reason for leaving.

When they return, Tasmania is warm with plenty of things to do, progressive and just far enough away from everything to be perfect.

Many Tasmanian’s leave with their bags full of expectations and return with an attitude full of wisdom.

Maybe everyone has to leave home to find home.

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Want to see.

This morning I went to my garden specifically for lettuce leaves. Now, my garden isn’t the type with neat rows and labelled beds, I prefer a bit of chaos. My garden is packed. Every plant must fight for space and light. Finding lettuce leaves means looking everywhere.

After breakfast, I went back to the garden to do some general maintenance. As I approached, I could see extensive damage to many of the garden beds. Leaks chewed, Kale missing, seedlings trampled and onions ripped out of the dirt. With Possum scat everywhere, it was easy to see who the culprits were.

Why didn’t I notice the damage when I was in the garden earlier? Was I still half-asleep? Possums are nocturnal so they didn’t do it during my breakfast. Am I going crazy?

Could it be true that we only see what we want to see?Image