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      1. I was a live-aboard yachty for 5 years on my boat ‘Kareela’. Solo cruising was an awesome lifestyle but not what people imagine it to be. It’s out of my system and I have little desire to go back to sea but things change so you never know.

      2. Sounds wonderful and the best part is…you did it until you wanted to stop and you can do it again if you like. I do know that sailing, like that, is a LOT of work and maintenance. I’m sure you have lots of stories to tell. And truly, Australia…wow. The photographs I have seen are amazing…the wildlife is incredible…the beautiful, colorful birds, the Kangaroos the huge flowers. So fabulous. Looks like paradise to me. Be happy and enjoy what’s “in” your system right now:) Have fun and thank you for answering. Beautiful boat.

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